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Julia bindings to Vega-Lite

Project Status: Active - The project has reached a stable, usable state and is being actively developed. Build Status Build status codecov


VegaLite.jl is a plotting package for the julia programming language. The package is based on Vega-Lite, which extends a traditional grammar of graphics API into a grammar of interactive graphics.

Additionally, VegaLite.jl provides basic support for Vega.

VegaLite.jl allows you to create a wide range of statistical plots. It exposes the full functionality of the underlying Vega-Lite and is at the same time tightly integrated into the julia ecosystem. Here is an example of a scatter plot:

using VegaLite, VegaDatasets

dataset("cars") |>



To install VegaLite.jl, run the following command in the julia Pkg REPL-mode:

(v1.0) pkg> add VegaLite


The current documentation can be found here.

Note for Jupyterlab Users

VegaLite.jl can be used in combination with many different front end clients including JupyterLab, Pluto.jl, and Julia for VSCode.

Important: JupyterLab supplies its own version of Vega-Lite and cannot be kept in perfect sync with VegaLite.jl. Formatting discrepancies can and will arise on occasion for JupyterLab users. VegaLite.jl targets the latest available minor release of Vega-Lite which is also supported by JupyterLab.

Developer Notes

JupyterLab support depends on Juperlab's built-in renderer; before updating to a new major version of vega-lite, check the JupyterLab project for the latest supported version of vega-lite.