Rails Sitemap Plugin / Site Map Plugin for Rails. A beautiful rails sitemap plugin that talks to Google, Yahoo and MSN when updated. Sitemap features clean handcrafted XHTML, XML with XSLT and custom finder options for your named routes.
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Sitemap is a plugin to allow easy dynamic generation of xml and XHTML sitemaps for your website.  It follows the guidelines set forth by Google, MSN, and Yahoo. 


1. script/generate sitemap_migration
2. Go to http://yoursite.com/sitemap_settings
3. Fill in your static links and your widget links, plus a few basic settings (fill in username and password for basic http auth support)
4. Go to http://yoursite.com/sitemap.xml


Josh Owens
Adam Stacoviak
Matt Polito

Copyright (c) 2007 Josh Owens and Adam Stacoviak, released under the MIT license