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Simplify Lin #15

remaerd opened this Issue · 5 comments

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I like the idea of Lin. And the popup window is really cool. But I think Lin should try to do less in my opinion.

I think Lin should works similar to KSImageNamed: When I try to use NSLocalizedString(), It will show us an auto-complete menu of Localised Strings. If we input a string that do not exist in the current Strings file, It will create those localise strings place holder for us; Showing a popup menu in the editor will block our workflow from typing code, and causing more bugs which make it harder to fix.


Yes, you're totally right.
I've been avoiding Xcode's autocompletion because it looks difficult for me to implement.
But... maybe it's time to challenge.
I'll try. Thanks.


I don't have any experience about writing plugins so I don't know how hard to implement auto-complete. But I think KSImageNamed is open source which you can take a look at the code.

Wish you all my best.


I actually really like the ability to add new localisations in-situ. I agree that the list in the popover should be keyboard navigable, but that should be possible without restoring to a plain autocomplete popup.


Yes, so my first task is making the current version perfect.
After that, there is chance to implement auto-complete popup.


FuzzyAutomplete has auto-complete implemented too, maybe you could find some interesting code inside.

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