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Before getting started please read the documentation to get acquainted with server-side connectors.

The Lua connector can run on web platforms that support a LUA runtime. It was developed and verified with Lua v.5.1.

Using it with Lua versions higher than this (ex. v.5.3) will not work.

The connector works by having all general code within the SDK and platform specific code in handlers. With this solution the SDK code stays unmodified and only a little work is needed to create or modify handlers.

Currently we offer handlers and tested example code for the following platforms:

However if you have another platform it's straitforward to implement the missing parts in a new handler.

To create a platform handler you will need to implement the missing parts in KnownUserImplementationHelpers.lua:

  • Read request URL
  • Read request host (user agent IP address)
  • Read request headers
  • Read request cookies
  • Write response cookies

Look at existing handlers for inspiration.