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Server-side implementation of the QueueIT queueing system. This will put customers into a queue before they can enter the site. FPC modules could prevent this module from working properly.(Please contact queue-it for the practices of handling FPC scenario.)


How to install the module using different methods.


First clone this repository inside your Magento2 app/code folder like below:

cd <your Magento 2 install dir>/app/code
git clone Queueit/KnownUser

Afterwards install the extension:

cd <your Magento 2 install dir>
php bin/magento setup:upgrade

Doing so you can run the below command. It should show Queueit_KnownUser as an installed module:

bin/magento module:status

If Queueit_KnownUser was listed as Disabled module run the below command to enable it

php bin/magento module:enable Queueit_KnownUser
php bin/magento setup:upgrade


Install queueit module using composer

$ composer require queueit/knownuser

Enter your authentication keys. Your public key is your username; your private key is your password. Afterwards install it with

$ php bin/magento setup:upgrade

Doing so you can run the below command it should show Queueit_KnownUser as an installed module

$ bin/magento module:status

You can find an official help about how to install a Magento extension here.


After installing the module, go to the below menu and enable the module, enter your CustomerId and Secret Key which you have got from QueueIT. Stores -> Configuration -> Services -> Queueit KnownUser

In here

  • Enabled: Enable/disable module execution. If enabled this will generally give a redirect on every request. So it is advanced to enable it only before an event is starting.
  • CustomerID: This is usually your account name
  • Secret Key: This is the secret key found in QueueIt: Account -> Security -> Known User (tab) -> Default secret key
  • How are the configs updated: The way changes on QueueIT's side are requested
    • Push: Configure url in QueueIT. Postback url is {{store_url}}/rest/V1/queueit/integrationinfo/
    • Manual: To Update configuration manually or to see the current configuration: Content -> QueueIt KnownUser -> Admin. You can see the current config at this page and also upload confugartion file for updating it.

FPC (Protecting ajax calls on static pages)

If you have Full Page Cache enabled you should add queue-it javascript to your pages as below :

  1. Make sure KnownUser code will not run on static pages (by ignoring those URLs in your integration configuration).
  2. Add below JavaScript tags to all static pages : You can add this tag in the header files : ...\vendor\magento\module-theme\view\frontend\templates\html\header.phtml
    <script type="text/javascript" src="//"></script>
  3. Add some triggers for your dynamic ajax calls you want to queue users on.