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New version here :

DAWA - Data Acquisition With Arduino

French official website project : DAWA-V4

DAWA is an Arduino datalogger (and laptimer) shield for your motorbike. It records 10 times per seconds in a CSV file lots of information.

What information is logged ?

  • Raw data acquisition : On Triumph bikes and many others, ECU values can be directly read (I personnaly use : RPM, SPEED, GEAR POSITION, THROTTLE and BRAKE state)
  • Environement values : A 9-axis sensor (BNO055) is used to store G-forces and I hope soon, roll and pitch
  • Position values : A UBLOX 10Hz GPS chip gets realtime coordinates
  • Infrared temperatures : You can plug up to 4 infrared temperature sensors (tyres or ground t° for example)
  • Analog inputs : You can measure up to 6 analog inputs (suspension sensors for exemple)

Where is it logged ?

Everything is stored on a micro SD card.
10 times per seconds, a new line is created in a CSV file. This line contains every data values separated by a semicolon.
Current values are displayed in realtime on the OLED screen attached.

Could it be used as a laptimer ?

YES ! Since v4 and the integration of a 10Hz GPS chip, laptimer functions are available.

How does it work ?

I couldn't make it easier !
Press the button start recording, press again stop recording :)
One CSV file is created on each new record.

What about laptimer functions

A little bit more difficult, you have to put a file named "TRACKS.CSV" on the sdcard.
This file will contain track name and finishline coordinates, one line per track :
<trackname>;<finishline lat. A>;<finishline lon. A>;<finishline lat. B>;<finishline lon. B>
To keep precision, latitude and longitude should be converted to integers (multiply by 10 000 000).
When start recording the closer track is automatically chosen.

You said Bluetooth ?

Bluetooth connection is usefull in these 2 cases :

  • You just finish your track session and want to know lap times / best lap
  • Before using DAWA, some parameters could be adjusted, use the bluetooth console to setup them !

I'm using "Serial Bluetooth Terminal" on Androïd. Connect and type "help" to view all available commands

What's next

  • Laptimer split time : Add split time management

Known bugs

  • Lean angle : Seems easy but in fact very complicated to obtain good values without drift

Repository Contents

  • /Arduino - The .ino file you need to put in the Arduino M0
  • /Documentation - Some brief explanations about this shield (french - not translated)
  • /Eagle Libraries - All Eagle parts I use in my schematics
  • /Eagle Sources - Eagle files of this project
  • /Gerber Sources - Last Gerber files, used to produce PCB
  • /Partslist - A detailed BOM list


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