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The Quicklisp Controller is responsible for building and updating
Quicklisp distributions from a project list (maintained separately in
the quicklisp-projects repo).
It fetches project source from a variety of places: git, cvs, svn,
http-available tarballs, etc, and uses that to build up metadata about
the relationships between projects. New or updated projects are then
uploaded into the quicklisp download space.
You must create ~/quicklisp-controller/ and symlink a checkout of
quicklisp-projects (or something with similar directory structure) to
~/quicklisp-controller/projects. A quick way to do that:
(setup-directories "~/path/to/quicklisp-projects/")
To fetch/update all project sources, use:
To build everything that can be built, use:
To combine those two operations, concluding with a report of what
differs from the last Quicklisp dist:
This project is available from here:
If you have problems with or find bugs in this project, please open an
issue here:
You can also email me: