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;;;; fail-dwim.lisp
(in-package #:quicklisp-controller)
;;; Some ideas about guessing what problems are happening with a failure file.
(defparameter *component-not-found*
(ppcre:create-scanner "component (.*?) not found"))
(defun missing-component (string)
(ppcre:register-groups-bind (component) (*component-not-found* string)
(defun file-string (file)
(with-output-to-string (stream)
(dolist (line (file-lines file))
(write-line line stream ))))
(defun fail-file-components (pathname)
(let ((name (pathname-name pathname)))
(destructuring-bind (fail project system-file system)
(ppcre:split "_" name)
(declare (ignore fail))
(values project system-file system))))
(defun missing-components (source)
(let ((components '()))
(dolist (file (failing-system-files source) components)
(let ((string (file-string file)))
(let ((component (missing-component string)))
(when component
(multiple-value-bind (project system-file system)
(fail-file-components file)
(declare (ignore project system-file))
(push (list system component) components))))))))
(defun apt-file-search (file)
(with-run-output (stream ("apt-file" "search" (format nil "/~A" file)))
(let ((scanner (ppcre:create-scanner "^(.*?): (.*)"))
(result '()))
(loop for line = (read-line stream nil)
while line do
(ppcre:register-groups-bind (key value) (scanner line)
(setf result (acons key value result))))
(defun scan-group (scanner string)
(multiple-value-bind (matchp groups)
(ppcre:scan-to-strings scanner string)
(when matchp
(aref groups 0))))
(defun failed-missing-libraries (failure-file)
(let ((alternatives (ppcre:create-scanner ": Unable to load any"))
(one-library (ppcre:create-scanner ": Unable to load foreign"))
(one-library-name (ppcre:create-scanner "Error opening shared object \"(.*?)\""))
(header-name (ppcre:create-scanner "fatal error: (.*?): No such file")))
(with-open-file (stream failure-file)
(let ((line (read-line stream nil))
(unless line
(cond ((ppcre:scan alternatives line)
(return (read stream)))
((setf value (scan-group header-name line))
(return (list value)))
((ppcre:scan one-library line)
(let ((next-line (read-line stream)))
(ppcre:register-groups-bind (library) (one-library-name next-line)
(return (list library)))))))))))
(defun missing-library-guess (library)
(let ((alist (apt-file-search library)))
(flet ((library-length (thing)
(+ (if (search "-dev" (car thing))
(length (car thing)))))
(when alist
(first (first (sort alist #'< :key #'library-length)))))))
(defun missing-library-package (failure-file)
(let ((libraries (sort (remove-if-not 'stringp (failed-missing-libraries failure-file)) #'< :key #'length)))
(when libraries
(some #'missing-library-guess libraries))))
(defun crawl-for-missing-libraries (wild)
(let ((debian-packages '()))
(dolist (file (directory wild) debian-packages)
(let ((guess (missing-library-package file)))
(when guess
(pushnew guess debian-packages :test #'string=))))))
(defun missing-source-libraries (&optional (source *last-source*))
(setf *last-source* source)
(crawl-for-missing-libraries (build-relative "fail/fail_*.txt" source)))
(defun apt-get-commands (packages &key run)
(map nil (lambda (package)
(format t "apt-get --yes install ~A~%" package)
(when run
(run-program "/usr/bin/sudo"
(list "/usr/bin/apt-get" "--yes" "install" package)
:search nil
:wait t
:output t)))
(defun foreign-library-loop (&key run)
(let (source missing)
(format t "~&> ")
(setf source (read))
(when (eql source :quit)
(go end))
(crank source)
(setf missing (missing-source-libraries source))
(unless missing
(warn "No missing libraries for ~A, giving up" source)
(go loop))
(apt-get-commands missing :run run)
(format t "~&Press enter to retry~%")
(unless (equal (read-line) "")
(go loop))
(go retry)