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;;;; mail.lisp
(in-package #:quicklisp-controller)
(defun call-with-output-to-mail (fun &key from to subject)
(unless (and from to subject)
(error "FROM, TO, and SUBJECT required"))
(let ((mail (sb-ext:run-program "/usr/sbin/sendmail"
(list "-t")
:search nil
:wait nil
:output nil
:input :stream)))
(let ((stream (sb-ext:process-input mail)))
(format stream "From: ~A~%" from)
(format stream "To: ~A~%" to)
(format stream "Subject: ~A" subject)
(terpri stream)
(funcall fun stream)
(close stream))))
(defmacro with-output-to-mail ((stream &key from to (subject ""))
&body body)
`(call-with-output-to-mail (lambda (,stream) ,@body)
:from ,from
:to ,to
:subject ,subject))
(defun mail-file (file &key from to (subject ""))
(with-open-file (input file)
(with-output-to-mail (output :from from :to to :subject subject)
(loop for line = (read-line input nil)
while line do (write-line line output)))))