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;;;; misc.lisp
(in-package #:quicklisp-controller)
(defun clear-fasl-cache ()
(run "rm" "-rf" (merge-pathnames ".cache/common-lisp/"
(defun system-from-release (system-name dist)
(let* ((dist (ql-dist:dist dist))
(system (ql-dist:find-system-in-dist system-name dist))
(release (ql-dist:release system))
(release-name (ql-dist:name release)))
(if (equal system-name release-name)
(list system-name :from release-name))))
(defun =system-from-release (dist)
(lambda (system-name)
(system-from-release system-name dist)))
(defun write-dotfile (index-file dot-file)
(let ((inlinks (make-string-table))
(outlinks (make-string-table))
(max-color 255)
(max-size 400)
(max-inlinks 0)
(max-outlinks 0))
(for-each-line (line index-file)
(unless (ignorable-line-p line)
(destructure-line (project system-file system &rest dependencies)
(declare (ignore project system-file))
(setf (gethash system outlinks) dependencies)
(dolist (dependency dependencies)
(setf (gethash dependency inlinks)
(cons system (gethash dependency inlinks)))))))
(print (list inlinks))
(flet ((table-max (table)
(let ((max 0))
(maphash (lambda (k v)
(declare (ignore k))
(setf max (max (length v) max)))
(setf max-inlinks (table-max inlinks)
max-outlinks (table-max outlinks)))
(labels ((iscale (value max1 max2)
(format t "XXX iscale ~A ~A ~A~%" value max1 max2)
(truncate (/ value max1) (/ max2)))
(incount (system)
(length (gethash system inlinks)))
(outcount (system)
(length (gethash system outlinks)))
(color (system)
(let ((red
(iscale (outcount system) max-outlinks max-color)))
(format nil "#0000~2,'0X" red)))
(size (system)
(+ 18 (iscale (incount system) max-inlinks max-size))))
(with-open-file (output dot-file
:direction :output
:if-exists :supersede)
(format output "digraph {~%")
(maphash (lambda (system outs)
(format output "~S [fontsize=~D,fontcolor=~S];~%"
(size system)
(color system))
(dolist (outlink outs)
(format output "~S -> ~S;~%" system outlink)))
(format output "}~%")))))
(defun save-bucket (bucket output-directory)
(let ((fetched 0))
(map 'list
(lambda (key)
(setf key (zs3:name key))
(let* ((output-file (merge-pathnames key
(write-date (or (ignore-errors (file-write-date output-file))
(ensure-directories-exist output-file)
(when (zs3:get-file bucket key output-file
:when-modified-since write-date)
(incf fetched))
(probe-file output-file)))
(zs3:all-keys bucket))
(defclass sysindex ()
:initarg :needs
:accessor needs
:initform (make-string-table)
:documentation "A table of what each system needs.")
:initarg :needed-by
:accessor needed-by
:initform (make-string-table)
:documentation "A table of what systems depend on a system.")))
(defun load-sysindex (systems-file)
(let* ((sysindex (make-instance 'sysindex))
(needs (needs sysindex))
(needed-by (needed-by sysindex)))
(for-each-line (line systems-file)
(unless (ignorable-line-p line)
(destructure-line (project system-file system &rest sysneeds)
(declare (ignore project system-file))
(setf (gethash system needs) sysneeds)
(dolist (need sysneeds)
(setf (gethash need needed-by)
(cons system (gethash need needed-by)))))))
(defun system-needs (name sysindex)
(values (gethash name (needs sysindex))))
(defun system-needed-by (name sysindex)
(values (gethash name (needed-by sysindex))))
(defun all-systems (sysindex)
(alexandria:hash-table-keys (needs sysindex)))
(defun table-js (table)
(with-output-to-string (stream)
(format stream "var needs = {~%//")
(maphash (lambda (system others)
(format stream ",~%~S: [~{~S~^,~}]" system others))
(format stream "~%};~%")))
(defun update-metadata (filename description)
(dolist (source-file (directory "~/quicklisp-controller/projects/*/source.txt"))
(let ((metafile (merge-pathnames filename source-file))
(project-name (first (last (pathname-directory source-file)))))
(unless (probe-file metafile)
(format *query-io* "~&~A for ~A (hit enter to skip)~%"
(let ((response (read-line *query-io*)))
(when (plusp (length response))
(save-lines (list response) metafile)))))))
(defvar *last-source* nil)
(defun check-for-program (program)
(let ((process (ignore-errors (run-program program nil :search t :wait t))))
(unless process
(error "Could not run program ~S -- not found" program))))
(defparameter *critical-programs*
'("cvs" "git" "darcs" "hg" "svn" "depcheck" "system-file-magic"))
(defun check-critical-programs ()
(dolist (program *critical-programs*)
(check-for-program program)))
(defun crank (&optional (source *last-source*))
(unless (source-designator source)
(warn "Not a known source -- ~S" source)
(return-from crank nil))
(setf *last-source* source)
(let ((wins (find-more-winning-systems source)))
(list :fails (missing-components source)
:wins wins)))
(defun source-pathname (project-name)
(let ((directory `(:relative "quicklisp-controller"
(merge-pathnames (make-pathname :name "source"
:type "txt"
:directory directory)
(defun dwimsource (name)
(let* ((project (format nil "hu.dwim.~A" name))
(source-file (source-pathname project)))
(unless (probe-file source-file)
(ensure-directories-exist source-file)
(with-open-file (stream source-file :direction :output)
(format stream "darcs" project)))
(intern (string-upcase project))))
(defvar *output-lock* (bt:make-lock "output-lock"))
(defun call-with-skipping (fun &key (stream *standard-output*) parallel)
(flet ((invoke-skip (condition)
(when (find-restart 'skip)
(bt:with-lock-held (*output-lock*)
(when (boundp '*current-mapped-source*)
(format stream "~&* ~A~%" *current-mapped-source*)
(format stream ":: from ~A~%"
(find-source *current-mapped-source*)))
(format stream "~&SKIPPING (~A)~%" condition))
(invoke-restart 'skip))))
(if (not parallel)
(handler-bind ((error #'invoke-skip))
(funcall fun))
(lparallel:task-handler-bind ((error #'invoke-skip))
(funcall fun)))))
(defun update-what-you-can (&key file parallel)
(flet ((action (stream)
(lambda ()
(funcall (if parallel 'pmap-sources 'map-sources)
(lambda (source)
(bt:with-lock-held (*output-lock*)
(force-output stream)
(format t "~&Updating ~S from ~A~%"
(project-name source)
(location source)))
(update-source-cache source))))
:stream stream
:parallel parallel)))
(if file
(with-open-file (stream file :direction :output
:if-exists :rename-and-delete)
(action (make-broadcast-stream *standard-output* stream)))
(action *standard-output*))))
(defun ensure-what-wins-you-can ()
(lambda ()
(lambda (source)
(format t "~&Checking ~S~%" (project-name source))
(ensure-winning-systems source))))))
(defun update-and-crank (&optional (source *last-source*))
(setf *last-source* source)
(setf source (source-designator source))
(let* ((base (translate-logical-pathname "quicklisp-controller:dist;"))
(build (format nil "~A/build-cache/~A"
(sb-ext:native-namestring base)
(project-name source)))
(tar (format nil "~A/tar-cache/~A"
(sb-ext:native-namestring base)
(project-name source))))
(update-source-cache source)
(run "rm" "-rf" build)
(run "rm" "-rf" tar)
(crank source)))
(defun tail-file (file n)
(let ((lines (make-array n :initial-element nil))
(index 0))
(with-open-file (stream file)
(loop for line = (read-line stream nil)
while line do
(setf (aref lines index) line)
(setf index (mod (1+ index) n))))
(let ((start (if (aref lines index) index 0)))
(loop for i = start then (mod (1+ i) n)
repeat n
for line = (aref lines i)
when line do (write-line line)))))
(defun failtail (&optional (source *last-source*) (n 150))
(setf *last-source* source)
(setf source (source-designator source))
(format t "::: ~A from ~A~%"
(project-name source)
(location source))
(dolist (file (failing-system-files source))
(format t "=================================~%")
(format t " FAIL: ~S~%" (file-namestring file))
(format t "=================================~%")
(tail-file file n)))
(defvar *failtail-credentials-file*
(defvar *failtail-credentials*
(zs3:file-credentials *failtail-credentials-file*))
(defvar *failtail-bucket*
(defvar *failtail-prefix* "")
(defun date-string (&optional (time (get-universal-time)))
(multiple-value-bind (second hour minute day month year)
(decode-universal-time time nil)
(format nil "~4,'0D-~2,'0D-~2,'0D" year month day)))
(defun failtail-string (source)
(with-output-to-string (*standard-output*)
(failtail source 10000)))
(defun fix-url (url)
(ppcre:regex-replace-all "%2F" url "/"))
(defun post-failtail (source)
(setf source (find-source source))
(let ((key (format nil "~A~A/~A/failtail.txt"
(project-name source)
(string (failtail-string source)))
(zs3:put-string string *failtail-bucket* key
:public t
:credentials *failtail-credentials*)
(write-string string)
(zs3:resource-url :bucket *failtail-bucket*
:key key
:vhost :cname))))
(defun failtar (output &rest sources)
(in-temporary-directory "failtar/"
(ensure-directories-exist "fails/")
(dolist (sd sources)
(let ((source (source-designator sd)))
(dolist (file (failing-system-files source))
(copy file "fails/"))))
(run "tar" "czvf" (pathname output) "fails/")))
(defparameter *project-name-guessers*
(defparameter *project-type-guessers*
'((":pserver:" . "cvs")
("dwim\\.hu" . "darcs")
("git" . "git")
("wcp\\.sdf-eu" . "wcpware-http")
("" . "mercurial")
("svn|trunk" . "svn")
("https://" . "https")
("" . "mercurial")
("(\\.tar\\.gz|\\.tgz)$" . "http")))
(defun guess-project-name (url)
(dolist (pattern *project-name-guessers*)
(ppcre:register-groups-bind (name) (pattern url)
(return (string-downcase name)))))
(defun guess-project-type (url)
(loop for (pattern . type) in *project-type-guessers*
when (ppcre:scan pattern url)
return type))
(defun project-source-filename (project-name)
(merge-pathnames (make-pathname :directory (list :relative project-name))
(defun add-project (url &key name type data)
(let ((name (or name (guess-project-name url)))
(type (or type (guess-project-type url)))
(*system-metadata-required-p* t))
(unless type
(error "Can't guess project type"))
(unless name
(error "Can't guess project name"))
(when (equal name "")
(error "Name can't be empty"))
(let ((file (project-source-filename name)))
(when (probe-file file)
(error "Project already has a file"))
(delete-and-retry (&optional v)
(declare (ignore v))
(delete-file file)
(go :retry)))
(ensure-directories-exist file)
(with-open-file (stream file :direction :output)
(format stream "~A ~A~@[ ~A~]~%" type url data))
(return-from add-project (values name (update-and-crank name)))))))
(defun update-project (url &key name type)
(let ((name (or name (guess-project-name url)))
(type (or type (guess-project-type url))))
(unless type
(error "Can't guess project type"))
(unless name
(error "Can't guess project name"))
(let ((file (project-source-filename name)))
(ensure-directories-exist file)
(with-open-file (stream file :direction :output
:if-exists :rename-and-delete)
(format stream "~A ~A~%" type url))
(update-and-crank name))))
(defun disable-source (source)
(setf source (source-designator source))
(rename-file (source-file source) "source-disabled.txt"))
;;; Sharing failure files to a directory
(defparameter *failure-share-directory*
#p "~/Dropbox/Public/quicklisp/fails/")
(defun clear-shared-fails ()
(dolist (file (directory (merge-pathnames "*.txt"
(delete-file file)))
(defun share-failure (source)
(ensure-directories-exist *failure-share-directory*)
(dolist (file (failing-system-files source))
(copy file (merge-pathnames *failure-share-directory* file))))
;;; Sanity-checking a dist
;; FIXME: This should go into the client directly
(defmethod ql-dist:required-systems ((dist ql-dist:dist))
(let ((table (make-string-table)))
(dolist (system (ql-dist:provided-systems dist))
(dolist (required-system (ql-dist:required-systems system))
(push system (gethash required-system table))))
(alexandria:hash-table-keys table)))
(defparameter *whitelisted-unprovided-systems*
(defun unprovided-required-systems (dist)
(let ((provided-systems (mapcar 'ql-dist:name
(ql-dist:provided-systems dist)))
(required-systems (ql-dist:required-systems dist)))
(let ((unprovided (set-difference required-systems provided-systems
:test 'equalp)))
(set-difference unprovided *whitelisted-unprovided-systems*
:test 'string=))))
(defun unprovided-required-systems-report (dist)
(let ((unprovided (unprovided-required-systems (ql-dist:dist dist))))
(when unprovided
(format t "UNPROVIDED (but required) systems: ~A~%"
(defun self-referential-systems (dist)
(let ((provided-systems (ql-dist:provided-systems (ql-dist:dist dist))))
(loop for system in provided-systems
for required = (ql-dist:required-systems system)
when (find (ql-dist:name system) required :test 'string=)
collect (list (ql-dist:name system) required))))
(defun self-referential-systems-report (dist)
(let ((self-referential (self-referential-systems dist)))
(when self-referential
(format t "SELF-REFERENTIAL systems: ~A~%"
(defun absent-dependencies-report (dist)
(let* ((systems (provided-systems (dist dist)))
(no-required-systems (remove-if-not #'required-systems systems))
(ratio (/ (length no-required-systems) (length systems))))
(unless (< 0.5 ratio )
(* ratio 100)))))
(defparameter *sanity-check-reports*
(defun sanity-check-report (dist)
(dolist (fun *sanity-check-reports*)
(funcall fun dist)))
(defun rebuild-tools ()
(with-posix-cwd (asdf:system-source-directory "quicklisp-controller")
(run "make" "clean")
(run "make" "install")))
(defun tool-versions-match ()
(let ((sbcl-version (run-output-line "sbcl" :version))
(depcheck-version (ignore-errors (run-output-line "depcheck"
(string= sbcl-version depcheck-version
:start1 (1+ (position #\Space sbcl-version)))))
;; Should have a set of hooks, and probably a ~/.quicklisp-controller-init.lisp
(defun preflight ()
(ignore-errors (run "dig" "" "a"))
(ignore-errors (run "dig" "" "a"))
(unless (tool-versions-match)
;;; Rewriting source.txt files
(defun (setf first-line) (line file)
(with-open-file (stream file :direction :output
:if-exists :rename-and-delete)
(write-line line stream)))
(defun =location~ (substring)
(lambda (source)
(search substring (location source))))
(defun http-to-https (source)
(let ((location (ppcre:regex-replace "http://" (location source) "https://")))
(format nil "https ~A" location)))
(defun rewrite-sources (match-fun new-source-fun)
(lambda (source)
(when (funcall match-fun source)
(let ((new-source (funcall new-source-fun source)))
(when new-source
(setf (first-line (source-file source))