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;;;; upstream-git.lisp
(in-package #:quicklisp-controller)
(defclass git-source (vcs-source)
:initarg :tarball-target
:accessor tarball-target
:initform "master"))
:command "git"
:checkout-subcommand "clone"
:checkout-subcommand-arguments '("--recursive")
:update-subcommand "pull"))
(defclass tagged-git-source (tagged-mixin git-source)
((tag-data :reader tarball-target)))
(defclass branched-git-source (tagged-mixin git-source)
((tag-data :reader branch-name :reader tarball-target)))
(defmethod checkout-subcommand-arguments ((source branched-git-source))
(append (call-next-method) (list "--branch" (branch-name source))))
(defmethod vcs-update ((source tagged-git-source) checkout-directory)
(with-posix-cwd checkout-directory
(run "git" "fetch")
(run "git" "checkout" (tag-data source))))
(defmethod vcs-update :after ((source git-source) checkout-directory)
(with-posix-cwd checkout-directory
(run "git" "submodule" "update" "--init" "--recursive")))
(defmethod cached-checkout-directory :around ((source git-source))
;; Older gits have problems with checking out to a directory with
;; a trailing slash, so trim it.
(string-right-trim "/" (namestring (call-next-method))))
(defun commit-id (source)
(let ((checkout (ensure-source-cache source)))
(with-posix-cwd checkout
(with-run-output (stream ("git" "rev-parse" "HEAD"))
(read-line stream)))))
(defmethod tag-data :around ((source branched-git-source))
(let ((tag (call-next-method))
(commit (commit-id source)))
(format nil "~A-~A"
(subseq commit 0 8))))
(defgeneric target-ref (source)
(:documentation "The ref to use when archiving.")
(:method ((source git-source))
(:method ((source branched-git-source))
(format nil "refs/heads/~A" (tarball-target source)))
(:method ((source tagged-git-source))
(format nil "refs/tags/~A" (tarball-target source))))
(defmethod make-release-tarball ((source git-source) output-file)
(let ((prefix (release-tarball-prefix source))
(checkout (ensure-source-cache source)))
(in-temporary-directory prefix
(let ((temptar (merge-pathnames "package.tar"))
(tempgz (merge-pathnames "package.tar.gz")))
(with-posix-cwd checkout
(with-binary-run-output temptar
(run "git" "archive" :format "tar" :prefix prefix
(target-ref source)))
(run "gzip" "-vn9" temptar)
(copy tempgz output-file))))))