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;;;; upstream-http.lisp
(in-package #:quicklisp-controller)
(defclass http-source (upstream-source)
:initarg :location
:accessor location)))
(defmethod release-tarball-prefix ((source http-source))
(format nil "~A-~A-~A/"
(project-name source)
(defmethod source-description ((source http-source))
(format nil "http-fetch ~A" (location source)))
(defgeneric cache-object-file (source))
(defmethod cache-object-file ((source http-source))
(merge-logical (format nil "~A/~A.dat"
(project-name source)
(string-digest (location source)))
(defmethod make-release-tarball ((source http-source) output-file)
(let ((prefix (release-tarball-prefix source))
(package (ensure-source-cache source)))
(in-temporary-directory prefix
(if (string= (tarball-canonical-name package)
(project-name source))
(repack (native package) prefix output-file)
(copy package output-file)))))
(defvar *months* #("Jan" "Feb" "Mar" "Apr" "May" "Jun"
"Jul" "Aug" "Sep" "Oct" "Nov" "Dec"))
(defun parse-http-timestamp (string)
"Parse e.g. 'Fri, 30 Jun 2006 09:54:00 GMT' to a universal-time."
(flet ((number-at (start length)
(parse-integer string :start start :end (+ start length))))
(let ((day (number-at 5 2))
(month-string (subseq string 8 11))
(year (number-at 12 4))
(hour (number-at 17 2))
(minute (number-at 20 2))
(second (number-at 23 2)))
(let ((month (1+ (position month-string *months* :test #'string=))))
(encode-universal-time second minute hour day month year 0)))))
(defun modified-time (url)
(multiple-value-bind (content code headers)
(drakma:http-request url :method :head)
(declare (ignore content code))
(let ((header
(cdr (assoc :last-modified headers))))
(when header
(parse-http-timestamp header)))))
(defmethod find-source-cache ((source http-source))
(probe-file (cache-object-file source)))
(defmethod create-source-cache ((source http-source))
(let ((cached (cache-object-file source)))
(ensure-directories-exist cached)
(fetch (location source) cached)
(probe-file cached)))
(defclass http-bz2-source (http-source) ())
(defmethod create-source-cache ((source http-bz2-source))
(let ((cached (cache-object-file source)))
(ensure-directories-exist cached)
(in-temporary-directory "bz2/"
(fetch (location source) "temp.bz2")
(with-binary-run-output "temp.dat"
(run "bunzip2" "-c" "temp.bz2"))
(run "gzip" "temp.dat")
(rename-file "temp.dat.gz" cached))
(probe-file cached)))
(defmethod update-source-cache ((source http-source))
(let* ((cached (cache-object-file source))
(url-last-modified (modified-time (location source)))
(file-last-modified (and (probe-file cached)
(file-write-date cached))))
(cond ((not file-last-modified)
(ensure-source-cache source))
((or (not url-last-modified)
(< file-last-modified url-last-modified))
(create-source-cache source)))
(probe-file cached)))
(defclass naked-http-source (http-source) ()
"A 'naked' http source is from a tarball that unpacks into the
current directory instead of a proper subdirectory."))
(defmethod create-source-cache ((source naked-http-source))
(let ((cached (cache-object-file source))
(name (project-name source)))
(ensure-directories-exist cached)
(in-temporary-directory (format nil "~A/" name)
(fetch (location source) "naked.tgz")
(sb-posix:mkdir name #o755)
(with-posix-cwd name
(run "tar" "xzvf" "../naked.tgz"))
(run "tar" "czvf" cached name))
(probe-file cached)))
(defclass https-source (http-source) ())
(defmethod create-source-cache ((source https-source))
(let ((cached (cache-object-file source)))
(ensure-directories-exist cached)
(curl (location source) cached)
(probe-file cached)))