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;;;; upstream.lisp
(in-package #:quicklisp-controller)
(defclass upstream-source ()
:initarg :source-file
:accessor source-file)
:initarg :project-name
:accessor project-name)
:initarg :location
:accessor location)))
(defgeneric github-issue (object)
(:method (source)
(setf source (source-designator source))
(qlc-github-issues:matching-issue (name source))))
(defgeneric github-issue-number (object)
(:method (source)
(setf source (source-designator source))
(getf (github-issue source) :number)))
(defmethod base-directory ((source upstream-source))
(pathname (directory-namestring (source-file source))))
(defgeneric print-source (source stream)
(:method (source stream)
(format stream "~S ~S"
(project-name source)
(location source))))
(defmethod print-object ((source upstream-source) stream)
(print-unreadable-object (source stream :type t)
(print-source source stream)))
(defgeneric module-name (source)
(:method (source)
(project-name source)))
(defgeneric source-description (source)
(:documentation "Return a line suitable for describing approximately
how to get SOURCE yourself."))
(defgeneric release-tarball-prefix (source)
(:method (source)
(format nil "~A/" (project-name source))))
(defgeneric make-release-tarball (source output-file))
(defun release-maker (directory)
(lambda (source)
(let ((tarball (make-pathname :name (project-name source)
:type "tgz"
:defaults directory)))
(unless (probe-file tarball)
(format *trace-output* "~&; Creating ~A~%" tarball)
(make-release-tarball source tarball)))))
(defgeneric create-source-cache (source)
(:documentation "Unconditionaly get and cache data for building SOURCE."))
(defgeneric find-source-cache (source)
(:documentation "Return the cached build data for SOURCE, or nil if
no cached data is available."))
(defgeneric ensure-source-cache (source)
(:documentation "Ensure data needed to build releases for SOURCE are
cached. If cached data already exists for SOURCE, do not update
(:method (source)
(or (find-source-cache source)
(create-source-cache source))))
(defgeneric update-source-cache (source)
(:documentation "Try to update cached data for SOURCE."))
;;; Loading & mapping sources from the quicklisp-projects directory.
(defun split-into-initargs (line initargs)
(let ((values (split-spaces line)))
(unless (eql (length values) (length initargs))
(error "Initarg/value mismatch between ~S and ~S"
initargs values))
(mapcan #'list initargs values)))
(defgeneric source-location-initargs (source)
(:method (source)
(list :location)))
(defgeneric source-host (source)
(:method (source)
(puri:uri-host (puri:parse-uri (location source)))))
(defgeneric parse-location (source location-string)
(:documentation "Update an instance by parsing its location value.")
(:method (source location-string)
(let ((initargs (split-into-initargs location-string
(source-location-initargs source))))
(apply #'reinitialize-instance source initargs))))
(defun pathname-project-name (pathname)
(first (last (pathname-directory pathname))))
(defun make-source (class project location)
(parse-location (make-instance class :project-name project)
(defun load-source-file (project file)
"Create a source from the description in FILE."
(with-open-file (stream file)
(let* ((line (read-line stream))
(space (position #\Space line)))
(unless space
(error "Malformed source line in ~A" file))
(let* ((source-name (subseq line 0 space))
(source-class-name (format nil "~:@(~A-source~)" source-name))
(source-class (find-symbol source-class-name
(load-time-value *package*)))
(location (subseq line (1+ space))))
(when (not source-class)
(error "No source class for ~S (loading ~S)" source-class-name file))
(let ((source (make-source source-class project location)))
(setf (source-file source) file)
(defvar *current-mapped-source* nil)
(defun map-source (fun source)
(let ((*current-mapped-source* (project-name source)))
(with-simple-restart (skip "Skip ~A source" *current-mapped-source*)
(funcall fun source))))
(defun map-sources (fun)
(with-simple-restart (abort "Give up entirely")
(dolist (source-file
(directory #p"quicklisp-controller:projects;projects;**;source.txt"))
(let ((project-name (pathname-project-name source-file)))
(map-source fun (load-source-file project-name source-file))))))
(defun collect-sources-if (fun)
(let ((result '()))
(map-sources (lambda (source)
(when (funcall fun source)
(push source result))))
(sort result 'string< :key 'name)))
(defun pmap-sources (fun &key (parallel-key #'source-host)
(test #'identity))
(let ((dependency-tree (lparallel:make-ptree))
(parallel-key-dependency (make-hash-table :test 'equal))
(i 0))
(map-sources (lambda (source)
(let ((testp (funcall test source))
(pkey (funcall parallel-key source)))
(when testp
(lparallel:ptree-fn i (gethash pkey
(lambda (&optional arg)
(declare (ignore arg))
(map-source fun source))
(setf (gethash pkey parallel-key-dependency)
(list i))
(incf i)))))
(lparallel:ptree-fn 'everything (loop for j below i collect j)
(constantly nil) dependency-tree)
(lparallel:call-ptree 'everything dependency-tree)
(defun project-name-source-file (project-name)
(make-pathname :defaults "" :directory (list :relative :back project-name))
(make-pathname :host "quicklisp-controller"
:directory (list :absolute "projects" "projects" "stub")
:name "source"
:type "txt"))))
(defun find-source (project-name)
(let* ((name (string-downcase project-name))
(file (probe-file (project-name-source-file name))))
(when file
(load-source-file name file))))
(defun edit-source (name)
(let ((source (find-source name)))
(when source
(ed (source-file source)))))
(defun source-designator (source)
(if (typep source 'upstream-source)
(find-source source)))
(defun map-sources-of-type (type fun)
(map-sources (lambda (source)
(when (typep source type)
(funcall fun source)))))
(defun all-of-type (type)
(let ((result '()))
(map-sources-of-type type (lambda (source)
(push source result)))
(defun random-of-type (type)
(random-element (coerce (all-of-type type) 'vector)))
(defgeneric command (source)
(:method (source)
(defun missing-commands ()
(let ((missing '())
(tried (make-string-table)))
(lambda (source)
(let ((command (command source)))
(when command
(unless (gethash command tried)
(setf (gethash command tried) t)
(unless (ignore-errors (run command "--version"))
(push command missing)))))))