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quicklisp-projects has metadata for Common Lisp projects tracked by Quicklisp. Each subdirectory is named after a project, and a project's subdirectory has a source.txt file describing how to get the project's files. Other metadata files will be added in the future.

The qlc-meta directory is special, and has files related to creating and updating Quicklisp data.


For background info, see Getting a library into Quicklisp and Some problems when adding libraries to Quicklisp.

Please do not open a pull request.

Please open a github issue here:

In the issue, please provide a brief description of what your project is for and where to fetch its sources.

Your project should include some form of README describing the project and its purpose.

The system definition(s) for the project should include :DESCRIPTION, :AUTHOR, and :LICENSE options.

Personal pet peeve: Please don't describe your project simply by saying it's an interface to some C library. Explain what the C library is for and why someone might want to use it from Common Lisp, and link to any useful information about the C library.