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clsql-oracle #106

quicklisp opened this Issue · 4 comments

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Update build environment to include oracle support so clsql-oracle builds.


Any activity on this? :smile:


I have an oracle environment set up, but I can't seem to get clsql to work with it. I wonder if anyone else has ever had success with it, and if so, how they did it.


Ok, for those who come upon this issue I'm going to leave what I have done to get clsql-oracle to work:
1. Make sure you have ORACLE_HOME set (mine wasn't)
2. Move or copy the clsql (it will be named something like clsql-20130420-git) directory from ~/quicklisp/dists/quicklisp/software to ~/quicklisp/local-projects and rename it to clsql. I moved the directory but you might be able to get away with copying it because I think packages in local-projects have priority over the ones in software.
3. Load up your common-lisp and now you can run (ql:quickload "clsql-oracle") almost.
4. When I did this I received an error about c--stmt-string being unbound if you get such a message you need to change c--stmt-string to c-stmt-string in oracle-sql.lisp:517. I have sent a message to the clsql mailing list about this.

This is totally a hack

It removes clsql from the part of quicklisp that automatically manages packages (if that wasn't obvious). Please keep this in mind.


If you are using the oracle instantclient 12.1 in Linux maybe you need to change the names of the libraries in oracle-loader.lisp:24 to (list "libclntsh" "libociei").

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