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Getting exscribe in quicklisp #222

fare opened this Issue · 2 comments

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Dear Zach,

are there any obstacles to getting exscribe in quicklisp?


The way I commonly use exscribe is as an executable
(as dumped by either cl-launch or xcvb),
itself called from a script or Makefile when files have changed.

But exscribe can be used from the shell command-line or from the REPL:
exscribe -I /home/fare/fare/www/ -H /home/fare/fare/www/index.scr -o -

(require "asdf")(asdf:load-system :exscribe)(in-package :exscribe)
(exscribe::process-command-line '("-I" "/home/fare/fare/www/" "-H" "/home/fare/fare/www/index.scr" "-o" "-"))

Granted the REPL interface is not very developed:
since every exscribe document is actually a program,
I find it safer to isolate these programs in different processes,
though all my documents only define functions in the current package
EXSCRIBE-USER that gets scrubbed before every new document is processed.

Thanks a lot for all your free software coding!


Seems to build fine and will be in the next release.


Exscribe is now available in Quicklisp.

@quicklisp quicklisp closed this
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