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Can't find package queues #243

smithzvk opened this Issue December 15, 2011 · 3 comments

2 participants

Zach Kost-Smith Zach Beane
Zach Kost-Smith

I don't use this, but was trying it out today via loading "queues.priority-queues". I get:

System "queues" not found
Zach Beane

I see that too. Not sure what's happening. It looks related to GBBopen's wacky "module manager" system. I'll look into it.

Zach Kost-Smith

I notice that this works in the April dist, at least.

Zach Kost-Smith smithzvk closed this April 10, 2012
Zach Kost-Smith smithzvk reopened this April 18, 2012
Zach Kost-Smith

And, I'm stupid. I added queues to by local-projects directory as a work around. This is still broken.

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