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Please add Shelly #300

fukamachi opened this Issue · 4 comments

2 participants

Eitaro Fukamachi Zach Beane
Eitaro Fukamachi

Shelly allows us to execute Common Lisp functions like a shell command.

Zach Beane

Does not build; it references Quicklisp as a package, but Quicklisp is not a library that is available as a dependency.

Eitaro Fukamachi

I see. It refers ql:quickload to load libraries in some places. I'm gonna put #+quicklisp before the expressions, and use ASDF for instead when ql isn't available.

#+quicklisp (ql:quickload :shelly)
#-quicklisp (asdf:load-system :shelly)
Eitaro Fukamachi

The change has done. Would you try again?

Zach Beane

Ok, this is now part of Quicklisp.

Zach Beane quicklisp closed this
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