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fare commented Jun 1, 2012

OK, so XCVB now has a simple tarball with no dependencies, no .git checkout, but a version.text to track where it's from.
It's actually a symlink to the latest version, currently
and it expands stuff under a directory xcvb/

This version successfully passed its regression tests, when compiled with the latest versions of software from xcvb-branched repositories. I haven't tried it yet with only-upstream libraries, but should include it in my test regime some day.

As for the dependencies that require updating, they include
fare-utils, alexandria, single-threaded-ccl, asdf-encodings, cl-launch, inferior-shell, asdf.

While we're at it, you might consider adding asdf-contrib to quicklisp. It's just an empty system that depends on a collection of other existing asdf extensions.
git clone ssh://
git clone git://


quicklisp commented Jun 3, 2012

I get this:

Component "asdf-encodings" not found

quicklisp commented Jun 3, 2012

Found it.


quicklisp commented Jun 3, 2012

It would be somewhat nicer if it expanded into a directory that reflected its version.

fare commented Jun 4, 2012

Can do.
Does the 0.583 release tarball suit you?


xach commented Jun 4, 2012

Looks good to me.

fare commented Jun 12, 2012

I've split the pure data structures off of fare-utils into their own library:

This in turn requires an updated XCVB 0.585 and a correspondingly updated inferior-shell.

fare commented Jun 21, 2012

I've updated meta and scribble to use named-readtables.
Corresponding changes in fare-utils and exscribe.


quicklisp commented Jul 5, 2012

I think this should be all updated in the latest release.

quicklisp closed this Jul 5, 2012

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