please add fare-quasiquote, optima #402

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fare commented Nov 3, 2012

Preparing for the demise of fare-matcher and its replacement by optima, I'm splitting fare-quasiquote out of fare-matcher.

You don't seem to have optima. Optima is here:

(demise of fare-matcher part of my Consolidating CL Libraries project.)

PS: Is there a quicklisp equivalent of who-calls, so I can tell who is using fare-matcher and notify them that they should be using optima instead? Looks like I can do it with
grep fare-matcher ~/quicklisp/dists/quicklisp/systems.txt


I added Optima last month.

How does fare-quasiquote relate to hu.dwim.quasi-quote?

fare commented Nov 3, 2012

fare-quasiquote is wholly unrelated to hu.dwim.quasiquote, which, as far as I understand, is a generic quasiquoting syntax mechanism for various syntaxes in hu.dwim's own parsers.

fare-quasiquote is just a classic quasiquote implementation, but portable and guaranteed compatible with pattern-matching.

(defun who-depends-on (system-name)
  "Return a list of names of systems that depend on SYSTEM-NAME."
  (loop for system in (provided-systems t)
    when (member system-name (required-systems system) :test 'string=)
    collect (name system)))

This function will be in a future client update as ql:who-depends-on.

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