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Please add multiple-value-variants #411

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Quicklisp should pull from the tarball:

Project's home:

Github page:

By the way, I'd appreciate knowing the inclusion status for parse-number-range (#395), incognito-keywords (#397) and enhanced-eval-when (#398), as I submitted them about 2 weeks ago and they're not "canbuild" yet. Did you simply decide to batch-process them later because of my relatively high volume of submissions? (Or maybe you just forgot to add the tag? Depending on your workflow/client this might or might not be readily apparent...?)

Another thing: I don't expect my volume of submissions to drop for the next few months, and I realize the volume might possibly cause logistical issues, or otherwise be an annoyance. If you'd rather I use a different mechanism for inclusion requests, do let me know. Or maybe everything's just perfect as it is. Let me know either way.

As always, thank you very much for all your great work!


Everything's fine, I just haven't gotten to them yet.


Perfect! That clears up everything. :)

@quicklisp quicklisp closed this
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