Please include cl-linux-debug. #473

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Github link:

Thank you very much!


What's the license? Is there a description of what this software does?


Hmmm, don't know about the license. angavrilov/cl-linux-debug#2

The library is a wrapper around the ptrace() syscall, with a few helper functions - like

(def-debug-task suspend-threads (process threads)
(def-debug-task resume-threads (thread-list)
(def-debug-task suspend-thread (thread &key (wait? t))
(def-debug-task read-process-data (process address vector &key (start 0) end)
(def-debug-task inject-syscall (thread id &rest args)

Seems to be SBCL only ATM, though.


It's evolved into, and being used as more of a very extensible application than a library:

To understand the thing fully it is necessary to also look at:; that repository actually contains the scripts needed to start the thing, and some documentation too.


This seems to be SBCL-only. I try to add only multiplatform projects in Quicklisp.

It also lacks license info and has no README or similar info.

I'm going to close this request. If the situation changes, feel free to reopen.

@quicklisp quicklisp closed this May 10, 2014
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