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If you are having a problem with Quicksilver, before creating an issue please consider checking the following places:

If the issue is related to a plugin, be sure to read the plugin documentation. Open a plugin's documentation by selecting it in the Plugins Preferences, then clicking the '?' button in the bottom right hand corner (or use the ⌘⌥? shortcut).

Finally, some plugins are currently unsupported. If you have any plugin listed on the Unsupported Plugins page installed, then please remove them to see if the problem still exists.

Creating an issue

In order to help us solve your problem, please include the following information in any issue you create:

  • Quicksilver version
  • Mac OS X Version (10.8.3 etc.)
  • A list of any Quicksilver plugins you have installed that may be related to the problem


Contributing to the Code

If you wish to contribute to the Quicksilver project, take a look at the Developer Wiki page. There is also a Quicksilver Development Forum if you are having any issues.

Contributing to Localisations/Translations

To learn more about translating Quicksilver, see the Localisation wiki page.