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Instructions to give QS/OS versions
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@@ -8,6 +8,13 @@ If you are having a problem with Quicksilver, before creating an issue please co
If the issue is related to a plugin, be sure to read the plugin documentation. Open a plugin's documentation by selecting it in the [Plugins Preferences](, then clicking the '?' button in the bottom right hand corner (or use the ⌘⌥? shortcut).
+## Creating an issue
+In order to help us solve your problem, please include the following information in any issue you create:
+* Quicksilver version
+* Mac OS X Version (10.8.3 etc.)
+* A list of any Quicksilver plugins you have installed that may be related to the problem
# Contributing
@@ -17,4 +24,4 @@ If you wish to contribute to the Quicksilver project, take a look at the [Develo
### Contributing to Localisations/Translations
-To learn more about translating Quicksilver, see the [Localisation wiki page](
+To learn more about translating Quicksilver, see the [Localisation wiki page](

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