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I find the new bezel interface introduced in ß71 (3936) more distracting and less visually pleasing than the old one. In particular, the new shiny "metal" gear icon often draws my eye more than the app icon to the left if it. The interface draws too much attention to itself.

This is a subjective matter. But then, isn't that why Quicksilver has themes in the first place? Themes enable people to select an interface based on their own taste. I'm sure many people like the new bezel interface. But I'm also sure that many people liked the old one. Why not include both themes?

leeh commented Nov 15, 2012

+1 for at least retaining the old Bezel interface.

The old gear icon is not unique to the Bezel interface. I think they all use Quicksilver.app/Contents/Resources/defaultAction.icns. If that is the case, then changing themes has no effect on the icons.

I can't say I'm a fan of the old gear icon, frankly, which looks rather dated me - that high-gloss plasticky Aqua style. I agree with John though that the new one goes a bit over the edge in the metal textured gloss & shine dept.... especially for an icon that is used so frequently. I think a little toning down of the texture/shine, something a bit more minimal, would be an improvement.

I agree about the icon. I don't like either, but I prefer the old one (the smaller sizes of the new one aren't so bad, actually).

The new icon and the new Bezel interface are separate things.

FWIW, it's not just the the gear icon; I don't like the new margins or corner radii either. So like I said, make as many new themes as you want, but I'd like the old theme—icons, margins, shape, size, everything—to remain an option for those of us who like it.


skurfer commented Nov 15, 2012

We could release a separate “Bezel Classic” or something. We’ll talk it over and make a decision before the B71 final release. As others have pointed out, the icons don’t differ from one interface to another. Letting interfaces supply their own custom icons is a nice idea, but not currently implemented.

I had a similar reaction to the new default action icon. It’s really obvious. Personally, I think it was the shaft (or whatever that is) in the middle that put it over the edge. But for what it’s worth, I’ve had it for months now and it really only took a day or two to get used to. I’ll mention these concerns to our main designer, but like everyone else, he does this for free in his spare time.

At least don’t mention it on the show unless that icon makes it into a “final” release. :-)

Of course you can just replace the icons in the application’s bundle, but I'm sure you've got a handle on all the costs and benefits of that approach.

Yeah, I don't want to have to hack up my copy or compile my own. As for the time and effort required, leaving the Bezel interface the way it was would have taken zero of both… ;) But if someone is going to take the time to make new graphics, a pure vector image with even less visual impact than the previous version would be nice. Something like this: http://twitpic.com/bdgu4z

That icon would be much better! As for the Bezel, I like the new interface, but I see no reason why the old version couldn't stick around as a separate plugin.


philostein commented Nov 17, 2012

How about this for the action icon?


izaakm commented Nov 17, 2012

I definitely prefer any of the new styles to the old Bezel, which is very dated. Obviously, there's no downside to making the old one available to people. Quicksilver is moving in the right direction, and the UI should continue to be updated to better match the current system.

There's no reason to have the gear icon as a shadow in the background. Quicksilver is great because you can do a lot more with the keyboard, but of course it's still a GUI. The action icon should be visually obvious. I generally prefer the most minimal design that gets the point across un-ambiguously. The faded out gear icon makes me think that I need to tab over to enable that action. The vector image idea is good, but the image still needs to 'pop' out so that it's obvious what I'm about to do.

Dislike: http://twitpic.com/bdgu4z

Better: http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_mdlzk53QEH1qfln44.png

Best so far: http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_mdm10nJVj11qfln44.png
Best so far


skeeJay commented Nov 17, 2012

Prefer the old bezel. The larger corner radius was softer, friendlier, more inviting. And, I think, better-suited to a "heads-up display." The new sharp corners are more akin to a "regular" OS X application window, which Quicksilver definitely isn't—it's a modal dialogue that's taking over your display briefly. This may be anecdotal, but I think it's cooler for someone looking over my shoulder to see the old bezel than the new one.


philostein commented Nov 18, 2012

There's been a big response to this issue on Twitter - perhaps the biggest since ß59 was released!

Here's my interpretation of the feedback so far:

  • The new icon is more popular
  • Of those that like the new icon, a little under half would like to see it toned down
  • Opinion is split on rounded or squared corners
  • Of those that responded, more preferred my mocked-up new bezel than the current ß71 bezel: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/157506/Picture%2045.png

So, I propose that you:

  • Keep the classic bezel as optional interface
  • Alter the current bezel's frame spacing and keep it as the default
  • Keep the current icon – just remove the centre circle (the compromise is too dark, and a lot of people like shiny)

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you design by committee. :D

I think Patrick's bezel is definitely the way to go. The alterations I made were:

  • Top and between panes frame width: 16px
  • Left and right edge frame width: 17px
  • Bottom frame width: unchanged

I can hardly look at the classic bezel now, it's really badly proportioned!


philostein commented Nov 18, 2012

Here's a picture of my bezel and icon proposal:



skurfer commented Nov 18, 2012

I prefer the new Bezel as it is now, but I never use it, which is why I didn't get involved in changing it. Well you know, other than merging the changes and making them official. ;-) You guys know there are 8 or more other interfaces to choose from, right?

As for the action icon, of the various proposals I've seen, I prefer the new gear with an empty center. But someone on Tumblr said they always replace it with the “Open in Finder” arrow from the Dock's grid view. I don't know if that's exactly right, but I think something based on an arrow would be better than a gear.

izaakm commented Nov 18, 2012

I absolutely second @skurfer's idea for the "open in finder" icon as opposed to the gear. The gear makes no sense at all. And yes, I've been using the Nostromo interface for some time because I dislike the standard Bezel.

A gear makes sense to me as the generic action icon. It suggests simply that the computer is going to do something. The Open in Finder arrow icon from the Dock would suggest to me that pressing return would open the object. That's fine when using the Open action, but not so suitable with, say, Quit or Speak Text or Make Alias In... or what have you.

So, perhaps just changing the icon of the Open action (and related variants) to the Dock's Open in Finder icon would be better.


skurfer commented Jan 15, 2013

The old interface is now available as "Bezel Classic".

@skurfer skurfer closed this Jan 15, 2013

iandol commented Jan 15, 2013

Is it worth mentioning "Bezel classic" is still available in the change log entry:

• Modernized the look of the Bezel interface (#1140)


skurfer commented Jan 15, 2013

Is it worth mentioning "Bezel classic" is still available in the change log

Not unless we do another update prior to B71 going final.

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