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when using the clipboard plugin, and copying from word (yes, i know, but i have to use it), text is copied as html data, and hence also pasted as such, which makes it unusable. not very urgent.


pjrobertson commented Jan 9, 2010

Reading Howard's manual came up with a solution for this.

Download the manual from the groups (if you haven't done so already) and read page 97.

Post back if this solution works for you :)

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pjrobertson commented May 15, 2011

Reopened since, despite what I said, this should be implemented / is a bug

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HenningJ commented Nov 20, 2011

@pjrobertson didn't you fix this with your recent clipboard module update?


pjrobertson commented Nov 20, 2011

Nope, not yet.

I thought I had, but it slipped past. There's still the bug where this content displays 'html data' in the clipboard instead of the actual data, and this one.


Hi, has there been any movement or progress on this issue?

I use the clipboard history functionality all the time and its really annoying when I want to search the clipboard contents and all I see are rows of HTML DATA. It also seems that most apps I use cause the HTML data value to show up.

Its unfortunate since it shows the text version of the HTML Data when its selected, so it knows it but doesn't use it as its name in the list.


pjrobertson commented Feb 22, 2013

Can one of you guys provide more complete steps for reproducing this problem?

Any text I copy from Word also pastes fine back into work and other text editors

@pjrobertson pjrobertson referenced this issue in quicksilver/elements.clipboard-qsplugin Feb 22, 2013


Tidy up #8

Actually, I think I may have been talking about a related situation. What the item looks like in the Clipboard History. Right now it shows "HTML Data" for the first line and the text as a second line. I vaguely remember it not showing the the 2nd line in the past...


pjrobertson commented Feb 22, 2013

So it's the 'HTML data' line that you don't like?

@nbriders or @sinewave can you confirm?


Current behavior:
Also, if your row height is low and you only see one line in the result list then you would only see "HTML Data"

Desired behavior:


tiennou commented May 12, 2015

Closing because 1) it's old 2) I'm not sure what steps the OP was actually following that caused the bug but I can't seem to reproduce and 3) the other "HTML Data" issue looks gone.

Please reopen if the Word thingy still happens.

@tiennou tiennou closed this May 12, 2015

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