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QS and standard (non-admin) user #521

sanzoghenzo opened this Issue · 5 comments

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For security reason I run my mac as standard user.

when I have to install an application (copy to App folder) I cannot use QS since it doesn't give me a dialog box in which I can put my admin name and password.
Same with auto update (i had to manually install the newer version).

Can you implement the authentication dialog for standard users?


I ran into this a couple of days ago. The worst part is that it fails silently.


I've had a rethink and, considering how difficult implementing an authentication dialogue is (I've looked into it, you have to mess about with low level security 'tasks') the best solution would be to test the permissions of /Applications.
If they are not writable by the user then the path to install should be changed to ~/Applications



This issue is larger than installing applications. See #28. It applies to any operation on a protected part of the filesystem.


While testing things in Mountain Lion, I was reminded that the Command Line Tool prompts for admin privileges when you install it. See QSCommandLineToolPrefPane.m. Perhaps that could be adapted to other areas.

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