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"Move to" action using external hard drives #629

sadhuroura opened this Issue · 3 comments

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Whenever I move a large files from my HDD to my external drive Quicksilver always gives and error like this:
"Error Moving File: /Users/sadhuram/Movies/melancholia (ENG).mkv to /Volumes/ANDROMEDA"

Always the file is moved properly though.


I haven’t looked at that code recently, but if I’m not mistaken, Quicksilver hands the task off to Finder and waits for it to report back. You see the error when it gives up waiting, but Finder carries on with the task just fine. I know why Quicksilver is waiting for the status, but maybe it should just fail silently.

Most people complain that it copies instead of moves in this scenario. :-) Did you not notice that, or were you already aware of that quirk?


I always thought this was an AppleScript problem. AppleScript has a default timeout of 2 mins when waiting for results, after which it throws an error.

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