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Mountain Lion's notification centre should be available as a notification handler #867

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In OS X Mountain Lion, there is a new notification centre.

The relevant APIs etc. should be looked into and this should be made an option for Mountain Lion users.


Already thought about it and I agree. Not sure what’s NDA, so I won’t say more.


If I remember correctly, notification centre will be for MAS apps only, meaning using it in QS will be a no-go.


Definitely think we should switch to Growl as the default notification handler, here's why:

Growl will do all the work for us selecting whether to use Notification Centre/Growl etc. Perfect :)


Yes, Growl with forwarding to the Notification works. Current non-beta (and older) version of Growl can use HISS to forward the notifications.

On the downside, all of these forwarded notifications are displayed together as „Growl“ or „GrowlNotifier“ in the Notification Center.

Native support for Notification Center in Apps, allow them to show up under their own name, so this would be an even better solution, although Growl works so far.



If I remember correctly, notification centre will be for MAS apps only, meaning using it in QS will be a no-go.

See the second last paragraph of this article on AnandTech:

There's been a bit of confusion about the new notifications API (NSUserNotification) and whether or not it's available to applications not in the Mac App Store. Local notifications using the new API are available to third party apps regardless of their distribution model (they don't need to be in the Mac App Store)...

Should just be push notifications that are MAS-only.

Also I'm currently using Now Playing (via TUAW) to show my currently playing iTunes track via Notification Centre, and I downloaded that from MediaFire (not MAS).


To update everyone: The current plan is to get rid of Quicksilver's built-in notifier and send those things to Notification Center instead. Growl will continue to be an option as it is now. The original plan to go Growl-only was scrapped, as it makes it difficult to tell Quicksilver sent the notification.

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