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Third pane for Copy to... Move to... shouldn't be automatically launched when ⇧⌘ is used #966

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Well... this got fixed in ß69 obviously for "Open with..." action, so if one presses ⇧⌘-W (if W is default for Open with.. action) then the third pane gets selected (default app gets selected but not run)

For the actions Copy to... and Move to... the same behaviour would be awesome.. (When do you want to copy a file to the same folder by default, or even move it ;-)

At the moment when selecting a file in first pane, hitting ⇧⌘-C (if C is defaulted to Copy to... action) one doesn't get to choose a folder where to copy the file to - instead it tries to copy the file to the same folder (parent folder).
So it would rather be helpful to have the 3rd pane filled with the parent folder but not have the whole action run directly.

iaj commented

I just found another place where this issue needs fixing, its in the 1Password Plugin, the "Go and fill with..." action that behaves the same way as described above.

@skurfer skurfer closed this in 3f4a7e9
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