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This pull request includes all the icons by Dan Deming-Henes

It also contains a few fixes for the count images (Something I broke during the 64 bit changes) and a single localisation :)

pjrobertson added some commits Sep 7, 2012
@pjrobertson pjrobertson Fix a crash when resetting preferences 8747a65
@pjrobertson pjrobertson Remove a private method to fix a bug in Primer interface
In the 3rd pane in Primer, for some reason when typing in text mode the 3rd pane's text/view slowly changes to look worse and worse.

Morale of the story? Don't call private methods....? :/
@pjrobertson pjrobertson Merge branch 'master' of 6f244d5
@pjrobertson pjrobertson Add updated and new icons by Dan Deming-Henes

The old reference to the mail count badges has been removed, and QS's own badges are now used
@pjrobertson pjrobertson Remove unused methods, and fix calls to the correct QSCountBadgeImage…
… subclass method
@pjrobertson pjrobertson Localise the term 'Combined Objects'
Hopefully genstrings will pull the string into the en Localizable.strings file ;-)

/3.5 works better for centring the text that /4.
You do the maths :)


I've searched the code and the plugins for these two methods. Not used anywhere, and they've been put in the QSCountBadgeImage class anyway :)

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The badge number centers nicely in Bezel, but it's way down low in Nostromo. Something I need to fix there? Other than that, looks good.

Quicksilver OS X member
Quicksilver OS X member

Lucky for you, it was a bug in the code. Good spot :)

Should be fixed now

Quicksilver OS X member

Oh, it was supposed to go on the icon, not in the upper right of the interface? Makes sense. :-)

Also, I noticed there is a way to "explode" things selected with ⌘A: → or /. But we should make something that works with the comma-trick, too.

@skurfer skurfer merged commit b7885ef into quicksilver:master Sep 21, 2012
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