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Bezel interface and results view modernisation #1140

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In this pull I've slimmed down the Bezel interface a little, as well as reduced the header/footer height in the results view.
I think it brings Bezel more 'up to date'.

When I showed my initial refresh on IRC, @hmelman commented on how it looked just like BezelHUD, so I've gone for a compromise with medium corner radiuses and a not too thin border.


What text would that be in the footer? (I'm assuming you're talking about the results view?

The 'xx of yyy' text fits in fine, if that's what you mean


The details show up there when you're in the first pane, and the description of the command if you go to the second. (At least, they should. Haven't tried this yet.)

@skurfer skurfer merged commit f667b38 into quicksilver:master
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