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Catalog loaded bool #1216

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I found this commit lying about in my branches (yes, somebody's been tidying up!)

Not sure if it fixes a crash or something, but looks useful.
I also found a small optimisation commit somewhere, which didn't find its way into master, so it's here


The plug-ins use QSLibrarian, so I'm worried about adding an iVar. I suppose adding it to the end is probably safe (vs. inserting it into the middle somewhere). Is that true?


If you feel really concerned about 32bit compatibility, put it in a static BOOL var. QSLibrarian is supposed to be a singleton, right ? ;-)


Hehe. You can tell that when I originally did this change (a year ago) I was concerned about 32bit compatibility (see the original commit here )
Now you can see I'm not ;-)

I'm happy to use a static as per 83fab29f70117f70d226ce8b3b02d97b32ecf9ea if it makes everyone happy.


OK, I had forgotten it only affected subclasses. So this should be fine. I'll test it out.

@skurfer skurfer merged commit 85d602f into quicksilver:master
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Commits on Nov 15, 2012
  1. @pjrobertson
  2. @pjrobertson

    use a BOOL to decide when the catalog is loaded.

    pjrobertson committed
    Ensures that plugins do not try and write the catalog until it has been loaded
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3  Quicksilver/Code-QuickStepCore/QSExecutor.m
@@ -282,6 +282,9 @@ - (NSArray *)rankedActionsForDirectObject:(QSObject *)dObject indirectObject:(QS
- (NSArray *)rankedActionsForDirectObject:(QSObject *)dObject indirectObject:(QSObject *)iObject shouldBypass:(BOOL)bypass {
+ if (!dObject) {
+ return nil;
+ }
NSArray *actions = nil;
if ([[dObject handler] respondsToSelector:@selector(actionsForDirectObject:indirectObject:)])
actions = (NSMutableArray *)[[dObject handler] actionsForDirectObject:dObject indirectObject:iObject];
3  Quicksilver/Code-QuickStepCore/QSLibrarian.h
@@ -41,6 +41,9 @@ extern QSLibrarian *QSLib; // Shared Instance
NSMutableArray *invalidIndexes;
NSInteger scannerCount;
+ @private
+ BOOL catalogLoaded;
+ (id)sharedInstance;
8 Quicksilver/Code-QuickStepCore/QSLibrarian.m
@@ -50,6 +50,9 @@ - (void)loadDefaultCatalog {
- (id)init {
if (self = [super init]) {
+ // Set a BOOL to ensure nothing attempts to access the catalog until it's fully loaded
+ catalogLoaded = NO;
NSNumber *minScore = [[NSUserDefaults standardUserDefaults] objectForKey:@"QSMinimumScore"];
if (minScore) {
QSMinScore = [minScore doubleValue];
@@ -197,6 +200,7 @@ - (void)loadCatalogInfo {
[[customEntry children] addObject:[QSCatalogEntry entryWithDictionary:entry]];
+ catalogLoaded = YES;
[self reloadIDDictionary:nil];
//NSLog(@"load Catalog %p %@", catalog, [catalog getChildren]);
@@ -754,8 +758,8 @@ - (void)setScanTask:(QSTask *)value {
@implementation QSLibrarian (QSPlugInInfo)
- (BOOL)handleInfo:(id)info ofType:(NSString *)type fromBundle:(NSBundle *)bundle {
- [self registerPresets:info inBundle: bundle scan:[(QSApp *)NSApp completedLaunch]];
- if ([NSApp completedLaunch]) {
+ [self registerPresets:info inBundle: bundle scan:catalogLoaded];
+ if (catalogLoaded) {
[self reloadIDDictionary:nil];
[[NSNotificationCenter defaultCenter] postNotificationName:QSCatalogStructureChanged object:nil];
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