10th Implementation Draft

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With draft-17 (v=ff000011), test the following features:

Feature code details
Version Negotiation V A version negotiation response is elicited and acted on
Handshake H The handshake completes successfully
Stream Data D Stream data is being exchanged and ACK'ed
Connection Close C The connection close procedure completes w/a zero error code
Resumption R Connection is established using TLS Resume Ticket
0-RTT Z 0-RTT data is being sent and acted on
Stateless Retry S A handshake that includes a Retry packet completes successfully
Migration M A new CID is offered to the peer, and it migrates the connection to it
Rebinding B The client moves to a different address or port, and the server migrates to it
Key Update U One endpoint can update keys and its peer responds correctly
H3 3 An H3 transaction succeeded
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