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QUIC Working Group Interim Meeting - October 2017

This is the arrangements page for the QUIC Working Group's third Interim Face-to-Face meeting, hosted by F5 Networks in Seattle, WA, USA.


Registration for this meeting is closed.

Schedule and Agenda

We'll be meeting Tuesday to Thursday, 3-5 October 2017. Meetings will begin at 9:30am and end at approximately 5pm on each day (although we may choose to end earlier).

Please note that an interop event may be scheduled prior to the interim meeting.

See the agenda for full details.

Meeting Location

F5 Networks Headquarters
351 Elliott Ave Seattle, WA 98119


When you arrive

Take the elevator the 5th floor. At the reception desk there, they will issue a badge that gives you access to the meeting room. The conference room is Diablo, back on the 1st floor.

Please help yourself to beverages in the refrigerator immediately outside the meeting room.

Transportation from the Airport

If you are price-insensitive, a taxi from the airport costs about US$50. During rush hour, this might be slower than the transit options.

Link Light Rail runs from the airport to downtown for $3 every 6-15 minutes, 20 hours per day. The ticket machine accepts credit cards. Westlake Station is 2km from F5, and easy walking distance to many hotels.

Getting to F5

There are multiple ways to cover the last stretch to the office, in declining order of hassle:

  • Taxis, Uber, and Lyft are all easy to get downtown and will cost about $5.
  • The Monorail costs $2.25, and is accessible by elevator from the Westlake mezzanine. It is fast and fun. It drops you off by the Space Needle, which is a 15-minute walk from F5 but very convenient for several hotels.
  • Buses are frequent and convenient all day. From Westlake, you can catch a bus to F5 on 3rd Avenue. Routes 24 and 33 pass directly in front of the office; routes D, 1, 2, and 13 all pass with 5 blocks of it. If you’re going to use the bus at all on the trip, buy an ORCA card at the light rail ticket machine instead of a one-way train ticket. It works like farecards elsewhere in the world, and makes the train-to-bus transfer free.
  • If the weather cooperates and you travel light, it is a pleasant and scenic walk along the waterfront.

There is no need to rent a car in the central city. If you do, there is no free parking at F5. There are several pay lots nearby that charge about $10 a day.

Hotel Options

The following hotels have an “F5 Rate,” if you call them, and is the best available at the time. The first is across the street from F5 and by far the most convenient.