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QUIC Working Group Interim Meeting - January 2018

This is the arrangements page for the QUIC Working Group's fourth Interim Face-to-Face meeting, hosted by RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia.

Attendees are expected to be familiar with Working Group drafts and related issues, and to take active part in discussion. All participation takes place under the terms of the IETF NOTE WELL statement. See our contribution guidelines for more information about participating in QUIC.


Remote participation will be available, but requires registration.

Registration is now closed.

Schedule and Agenda

We'll be meeting Tuesday to Thursday, 23-25 January 2018. Meetings will begin at 9:30am and end at approximately 5pm on each day (although we may choose to end earlier).

There will also be an interop event on Monday, 22 January.

See the agenda for full details.

Meeting Location

Room 12, level 5, RMIT building 80 
445 Swanston Street 
Melbourne 3000


Transportation from the Airport

Melbourne's airport (MEL) is approximately 1/2 hour from the city when driving. It can take considerably longer on weekday mornings and afternoons due to traffic, although this should be light (many Australians take holiday in January).

  • Taxi - various; approximately AUD$55. Use the official taxi queues in front of terminal 1 or 3.
  • Uber - approximately AUD$45 (UberX). Lyft does not service Australia yet.
  • Skybus - AUD$18, including transfer to city hotels.


There are many hotels convenient to RMIT, since it's in the Melbourne Central Business District.

Note that the meeting dates overlap with the Australian Open, which typically fills hotels. Book early!

A few of the many hotels within walking distance include:

There are also a variety of hotels within reach of public transport; the venue can be reached by taking any of the trams that travel on Swanston Street (most of the tram lines in Melbourne), or by train to Melbourne Central station. For example:

Other Considerations

There are a few things that are useful to know before coming to Melbourne.

Getting Around

If you want to use public transportation (trams, busses or trains) outside the small free zone in Melbourne, you'll first need to get a Myki card, which is available at larger train stations and 7-11 stores. Visitors can also get a Myki Explorer at the airport, in Federation Square and some hotels.

The Weather

Being in the Southern hemisphere, January is summertime in Melbourne. Although the weather varies considerably, it can get very hot (on occasion, 45 degrees celcius or higher). However, bad weather rarely lasts long; Melbourne is widely known for its rapidly changing weather.

UV radiation in Australia is stronger than in most other places, due to a variety of factors. Therefore, it's important to take appropriate precautions, such as properly applying high-SFP sunscreen (and reapplying as necessary) and wearing a hat when outdoors.


Besides the Australian Open, participants should be aware that 26 January is a national holiday, Australia Day (also known as Invasion Day, Foundation Day and Survival Day). As a result, many stores will be closed, and traffic may be impacted by special events.