An ImpactJS Plugin for Moving and Animating ig.Fonts. Perfect for RPGs!
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NotificationManager Plugin

Written by Abraham Walters

  • v1.0 - July 2011
  • v1.1 - July 2012
  • v.1.1.1 - August 2012
  • v.1.1.2 - August 2012
  • v.1.1.3 - January 2013

This plugin extends the Font class and allows you to move it and have it fade after a specified amount of time. The plugin also provides a NotificationManager to do all your dirty work and track each Notification for updating and drawing.

To use the plugin you will need to create an instance of the NotificationManager in your game like so:

myNoteMgr: new ig.NotificationManager(),

You will then need to add myNoteMgr.update() to and myNoteMgr.draw() to Make sure you add myNoteMgr.draw() after the this.parent() draw, otherwise your Notifications will be drawn over. From there you can spawn a Notification within any Entity using the following syntax:'media/font.png', 'string', x, y, settings);

Or you can create a Notification and then feed it to the NotificationManager later:

var note = new ig.Notification( 'media/font.png', 'string', x, y, settings );
//other code note );

A Notification can accept either an ig.Font object as its first parameter or a path to a font image. The NotificationManager also provides find() and remove() methods for managing your notifications. You can also use Notifications sans the NotificationManager.

##New in Version 1.1.1

You can now set an ig.Notification to follow an entity:

var player = EntityPlayer )[0];
var note = new ig.Notification( 'media/font.png', 'Hello World', player.pos.x, player.pos.y - 10 );
note.follow( player ); note );

This will create a new Notification and have it follow the player.

Feel free to dig into the code and the changelog for more details.