NoTrack is a network-wide DNS server which blocks Tracking sites
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Tracking is absolutely rife on the Internet, on average 17 cookies are dropped by each website. Although you can block third party cookies, there are also more complex methods of tracking, such as:

  • Tracking Pixels
  • HTML5 Canvas Fingerprinting
  • AudioContext Fingerprinting
  • WebRTC Local IP Discovery

99 of the top 100 websites employ one or more of these forms of tracking.

NoTrack is a network-wide DNS server which blocks Tracking websites from creating cookies or sending tracking pixels. It works sinkholing known tracking and advertising sites to a web server running on the NoTrack device inside your network.

NoTrack currently works in Debian, Ubuntu, Arch, Redhat, and Fedora based Linux Distros. You can use it on a Raspberry Pi with a fresh install of Raspbian Lite to create a low power DNS server, which is more than capable of being used in a home or small office sized network.

To Install:

Tutorial Guide:


Point the DNS IP of all your systems to your NoTrack device. Or setup DHCP on your NoTrack device using the instructional YouTube video provided.

Don't want to use the automated installer, no problem, here is a manual installer guide