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Wordpress DB Migration Tool
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Wordpress DB Migration Tool

What is it for

  • Export Wordpress database into an sql file
  • Replace local url (e.g. 'http://localhost/wp') with live url (e.g. '')
  • Import sql database into your local database
  • Replace the live url (or other developers' url) with you local url
  • Automatically change 'localhost' into your machine's IP address (for testing on mobile devices)

Supported OS

  • OSX only for now
  • You can grab the python code and configure it for Windows or Linux

How to use

  • Place the app file into your wordpress folder
  • I prefer to put it in the theme's folder which I normally work on intensively
  • Launch the app and configure the path to your MySQL's bin folder
  • Configure the local url and live url
  • Click "Export DB" will export your database
  • The exported database will be in the same folder as the app. The filename will be "[your-wp-db].sql" (The app scans your wp-config.php file and the name follows the settings there)
  • If you want to import database, make sure you put the "[your-wp-db].sql" into the same folder as the app


  • Add an icon
  • Configure the plist of the app
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