Community Communicator: An easy communication tool for small communities
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Community Communicator

An easy communication tool for small communities

Currently in the works. The information below is for development purposes.

Current features

  • Having users posting to multiple boards
  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • Invitation-only (new member accounts must be confirmed by someone who has the permission to do so)
  • Live AJAX updating of new posts and events
  • The ability to pin posts to make them more permanent (and unpin them)
  • The ability to hide posts that are yours or that contain images
  • The ability to mail posts to selected registered users
  • bbcode markup in posts
  • Posts are scanned for references to other posts in >>1234 format
  • Activity indicators on each tab, colored differently for different types of activity, including replies to posts you've made
  • Button to reply to a post (automaticaly insert a reference into the post form textarea
  • Editing of boards: their names, order, posts-per-page
  • Merging one board into another, and undoing the last merge done
  • Editing of users, exiling bad users, reinstating previously exiled users
  • Per-feature permissions to do various things.
  • Detailed smtp configuration through UI
  • Viewing and managing all your logged in sessions

Features on the radar, short term

  • Editing posts that have been pinned (actually creates a new derived post)
  • Checkboxes when you submit a post to automatically pin it or send through mail dialog page
  • Having up to three nicknames in your profile. Posts will be scanned for those nicknames and your username and treated accordingly as mentions
  • Allow some boards to be publicly viewable
  • Let users who have permission change aspects of the site's appearance

Long term plans

  • Tagging of posts to differentiate between multiple topics during heavy usage, and filtering posts by their topic
  • Allow some boards to be publicly postable (with some anti-spam protections)
  • True live update, pushed from server to client, through a webSocket or comet or something