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CLI tool to read HEVC files and parse dynamic metadata.
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Tool to check if a HEVC file contains SMPTE 2094-40 metadata in SEI messages.

If dynamic metadata is found, the whole file is parsed through and a metadata JSON file is generated for use with x265/other encoders.

Supported HDR10+ LLC Versions

Up to Version 1.2

Version 1.3 of the specification released in September 2019 might not be supported.

Usage, in CLI:

  • hdr10plus_parser.exe "path/to/file.hevc" -o metadata.json
  • ffmpeg -i "input.mkv" -c:v copy -vbsf hevc_mp4toannexb -f hevc - | hdr10plus_parser.exe -o metadata.json -


  • -i, --input <INPUT> Sets the input file to use.

  • -o, --output <OUTPUT> Sets the output JSON file to use.

  • --verify Checks if input file contains dynamic metadata.

Sample files

Tears of Steel samples encoded with x265 using --dhdr10-info for tests.

Sample JSON metadata available here:

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