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A simple Pelican theme designed with blue and grey slate colours.
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#Pelican Slate#

Pelican-slate is a theme for the Pelican static site generator. It's forked from Pelican-sober, and like Pelican-slate is a very light theme focused on readability :

  • Integration of TinyTypo
  • Utilisation of the font Source Sans Pro
  • Option to fade out sidebar to focus on article reading

This theme provides also classical features like Google Analytics, Twitter, Disqus and Pygments integration.



Sidebar options

  • PELICAN_SLATE_ABOUT = "My name is Brian" This option allows you to add a short About block in sidebar
  • PELCIAN_SLATE_LICENSE = "<license text here>" This option allows you to add a content license to your sidebar.
  • PELICAN_SLATE_STICKY_SIDEBAR = True | False This option allows you to set the sidebar fixed (following scroll and fading out)
  • PELICAN_SLATE_HISTORY = 3 This option allows you to define how many posts are shown in the history in the sidebar.


Twitter cards

Twitter card metadata are useful to provides a better overview of your post when a tweet point to it.

If you provide one of the two settings below, twitter card metadata will be automatically added for each post.

  • PELICAN_SLATE_TWITTER_CARD_CREATOR = '__fle__' (author twitter account)
  • PELICAN_SLATE_TWITTER_CARD_SITE = '__company__' (website/company twitter account)


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