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JupyterLab Spreadsheet

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Image depicting the plugin displaying a simple XLS workbook

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This plugin adds a simple spreadsheet viewer to JupyterLab.

jupyterlab-spreadsheet supports XLS, XLSX, ODS, and CSV files, and allows for basic formatting (such as cell merges). The plugin is in alpha, and doesn't support all features of workbooks (advanced formatting, formulas, etc.).

Refer to the changelog for detailed release notes.

Getting Started

Installing jupyterlab-spreadsheet is easy. Just run the following command:

jupyter labextension install jupyterlab-spreadsheet

If you already have JupyterLab running, you just have to refresh the page.

To open a workbook, navigate to it in the file viewer and double-click on it. To open CSV files in the plugin, right click on the file and use "Open With > Spreadsheet".


Contributions are always welcome! jupyterlab-spreadsheet is built off of the 6pac fork of SlickGrid, and uses SheetJS to parse workbooks.

When filing issues, please be sure to give reproduction steps and any relevant error messages or console output. This helps me track down the cause and get a fix out sooner.

Building from Source

To build from sources, clone this repository into a convenient directory and cd into it from a terminal. Then, run the following commands:

yarn install
yarn build
jupyter labextension install .

Then, start JupyterLab as you would normally. File watchers are available via yarn build --watch and jupyter lab --watch.


JupyterLab plugin for viewing spreadsheets, such as Excel .xls/.xlsx workbooks and OpenOffice .ods files








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