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Heroku buildpack to access private Github repos over HTTPS without storing user/pass in your files.
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Heroku buildpack: GitHub private repo access via ~/.netrc

This buildpack uses a GitHub OAuth2 token exposed as GITHUB_AUTH_TOKEN to resolve private repository URLs without putting a specific username or password in the URLs saved in local files (e.g. package.json).

See Easier builds and deployments using Git over HTTPS and OAuth and GitHub OAuth — Non-web Application Flow for more detail. Also, you may want to choose a user with read-only access.

If you use this in conjunction with the labs:pipeline feature of Heroku, you may avoid setting the GITHUB_AUTH_TOKEN environment variable on your test & prod apps, and instead only set it on the app where you push your code & which runs the buildpack.


You'll need to make a GitHub authorization token. Here's the curl command you can use.

$ curl -u 'my-read-only-user' -d '{"scopes":["repo"],"note":"GITHUB_AUTH_TOKEN for Heroku deplyoments","note_url":""}'  # GitHub API call
Enter host password for user 'username':  [type password]

  "scopes": [
  "token": "your_token",
  "app": {
    "url": "",
    "name": "Help example (API)"
  "url": "",
  "note": "GITHUB_AUTH_TOKEN for Heroku deployments.",
  "note_url": "",
  "id": 123456,

This token may be revoked at any time by visiting the Applications area of your GitHub account. You'll see the note linked to the note_url and the revoke button right next to it.

You may also create a new token using the GitHub UI; follow the instructions in the GitHub OAuth help article and ensure your token has the "repo" scope.


First, make sure your app already has a buildpack set:

$ heroku buildpacks

If this does not output an existing buildpack, follow the instructions at

Next, prepend this buildpack to your list of buildpacks, so it runs before your app is built:

$ heroku buildpacks:add -i 1

Set your GitHub auth token:

$ heroku config:set GITHUB_AUTH_TOKEN=<my-read-only-token>

Deploy your app:

$ git push heroku master  # push your changes to Heroku

...git output...

-----> Fetching custom git buildpack... done
-----> Multipack app detected
=====> Downloading Buildpack:
=====> Detected Framework: github-netrc
       Generated .netrc & .curlrc files (available only at build-time)
       GitHub User:   my-read-only-user
       Authorization: GITHUB_AUTH_TOKEN for Heroku deplyoments (private repo access)
       Organizations: my-org, another-org
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