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Quil: A Portable Quantum Instruction Language


This repository contains the reference specification for the Quil language in addition to some useful extras outlined below.

Repository layout:

  • /examples: examples of Quil
  • /grammars: example grammars used by parser generators
  • /paper: the source and rendered files for the Quil reference paper, by Smith et al
  • /rfcs: proposals for adding features or changing Quil
  • /spec: the Quil language specification

Known Usages

The following is a list of known usages of the Quil language. Open a pull request to add your own to this list.

Language bindings:

  • PyQuil: A library for easily generating Quil programs to be executed using the Rigetti Forest SDK


  • quilc: The Rigetti optimizing Quil compiler


  • qvm: The Rigetti high-performance quantum virtual machine