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(ns key-mover
(:use quil.core)
(:import java.awt.event.KeyEvent))
(def params {
:screen-dimensions [400 400]
:background-colour 0
:blob-colour 255
:blob-radius 10
:screen-bounds [0 380]})
(def blob-location (atom [190 190]))
(defn normalise
([bounds position] (normalise bounds bounds position))
([x-bounds y-bounds position]
(let [[min-x max-x] x-bounds
[min-y max-y] y-bounds
[x y] position
bound (fn [a-min a-max value]
(max a-min (min a-max value)))
new-x (bound min-x max-x x)
new-y (bound min-y max-y y)]
(vector new-x new-y))))
(defn setup []
(defn draw
(let [blob-size (* 2 (params :blob-radius))
[bx by] @blob-location]
(background-float (params :background-colour))
(fill (params :blob-colour))
(rect bx by blob-size blob-size)
(text "Use WASD and arrow keys to move" 10 390)))
(def valid-keys {
KeyEvent/VK_UP :up
KeyEvent/VK_DOWN :down
KeyEvent/VK_LEFT :left
KeyEvent/VK_RIGHT :right
\w :up
\s :down
\a :left
\d :right})
(def moves {:up [0 -10]
:down [0 10]
:left [-10 0]
:right [10 0]
:still [0 0]})
(defn charcode-to-keyword [c] (->> c str keyword))
(defn change-location [delta current-position]
(map #(reduce + %) (split-at 2 (interleave delta current-position))))
(defn key-press []
(let [raw-key (raw-key)
the-key-code (key-code)
the-key-pressed (if (= processing.core.PConstants/CODED (int raw-key)) the-key-code raw-key)
move (moves (get valid-keys the-key-pressed :still))]
(swap! blob-location (partial change-location move))
(swap! blob-location (partial normalise (params :screen-bounds)))))
(defsketch key-listener
:title "Keyboard arrow keys demo"
:size (params :screen-dimensions)
:setup setup
:draw draw
:target :perm-frame
:key-pressed key-press)
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