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(:use quil.core
[quil.helpers.drawing :only [line-join-points]]
[quil.helpers.seqs :only [range-incl steps]]))
;; Example of using graphics via create-graphics and with-graphics.
;; On each iteration 1 spiral will be drawn on graphics and then we tile all screen using this graphics.
;; Graphics created in setup funcion and stored in state.
;; Spiral is drawn by draw-spiral function that uses standard draw functions.
;; If draw-spiral function invoked inside 'with-graphics' macro then spiral will be drawn on given graphics,
;; otherwise spiral is drawon on applet.
(def spiral-size 100)
(def cent-x (/ spiral-size 2))
(def cent-y (/ spiral-size 2))
(defn draw-spiral
"Draws spiral on current surface: on applet or on graphics if inside with-graphics macro."
(with-translation [cent-x cent-y]
(with-rotation [(/ (frame-count) -5 Math/PI)]
(background 255)
(stroke-weight 2)
(let [radius 20
radians (map radians (steps 0 5))
radii (range 5 (/ spiral-size 2) 0.1)
xs (map (fn [radians radius] (* radius (cos radians))) radians radii)
ys (map (fn [radians radius] (* radius (sin radians))) radians radii)
line-args (line-join-points xs ys)]
(stroke 0 30)
(ellipse cent-x cent-y (* radius 2) (* radius 2))
(stroke 20 50 70)
(dorun (map #(apply line %) line-args))))))
(defn setup
"Create graphics in setup and store it in state."
(let [gr (create-graphics spiral-size spiral-size :java2d)]
(set-state! :spiral gr)))
(defn draw []
(let [gr (state :spiral)]
; Draw spiral on graphics.
(with-graphics gr
; Tile screen with spirals using graphics.
(doseq [x (range 0 (width) spiral-size)
y (range 0 (height) spiral-size)]
(image gr x y))))
(defn run []
(sketch :setup setup
:draw draw
:size [500 500]))
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