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(ns quil.sketch)
(defmacro with-sketch [applet & body]
`(binding [quil.sketch/*applet* ~applet]
(defn wrap-fns
"Wrap fns allows dynamic redefinition of function such as draw, update
in cljs. This is achieved by wrapping all provided functions to
anonymous functions such that 'my-draw' function turns into
(fn [& args] (apply my-draw args)). This adds a level of indirection
so that when quil calls draw, it invokes anonymous function which in
turn always calls my-draw by name and if you redefine - new version
will be used. Hence we need this cryptic macro."
(into {}
(for [[k v] opts]
(if (symbol? v)
[k `(if (fn? ~v) (fn [& ~'args] (apply ~v ~'args)) ~v)]
[k v]))))
(defmacro defsketch
[app-name & options]
(let [raw-opts (apply hash-map options)
opts (->> raw-opts
(merge {:host (str app-name)})
(defn ~(vary-meta app-name assoc :export true) []
~@(apply concat (seq opts))))
(when-not (some #(= :no-start %) ~(:features opts))
{:fn ~app-name
:host-id ~(:host opts)})))))