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So you want to live program some art do you? Eh? Well, lucky thing that - this is just the place to get you started. First up you need a few things:

  • A Computer (a working one is best)
  • A JVM - most computers have one of these inside (you will need a JRE that has graphics components)
  • Something friendly called Leiningen installed (visit the link to find installation instructions)
  • A terminal emulator with a lovely font and pretty colours.

OK, so the first step is to create yourself a new project directory structure. You can do that with lein new quil .... For example:

/Users/sam/demo $ lein new quil my-art
Generating a project called my-art based on the 'quil' template.
To see other templates (app, lein plugin, etc), try `lein help new`.

Now cd into your new project dir:

/Users/sam/demo/ $ cd my-art

Check to see if everything is in order:

/Users/sam/demo/my-art $ ls
LICENSE  project.clj  src

Finally, fire up a REPL for coding fun:

/Users/sam/demo/my-art $ lein repl
nREPL server started on port 54408 on host

user=> (use 'quil.core)
user=> (sketch :setup (fn [] (background 20) (ellipse 50 50 80 80)) :title "The moon delights the night")

Behold, your first Quil painting...

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