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IF Framework

This is the framework that evolved over the course of 8+ years and was in constant deployed use at AWB.

It is highly influenced by Apple's WebObjects and EOF, and comprises a component-based rendering system, i18n features, skinning, persistent sessions, and an ORM (currently with SQLite and MySQL backends).

It's written in Perl, but it makes use of the same kind of naming idioms (and some design patterns and idioms) as most of the Apple Cocoa/Foundation code, so it may seem a bit weird at first. It also avoids many magical things about Perl, preferring instead to rely on more explicit means to get things done. This may seem very un-perlish to a lot of seasoned Perl developers.

This is the initial commit, so it's extremely rough; remember that it was not exactly written to be generic, so there will be a bit of work involved to get it to be super user-friendly. Even though it had been running for years in a high-traffic deployment, it was bound to that deployment fairly tightly, so decoupling it has been interesting.

There is a port of this to Objective-J under way at Womble


I'll write a proper install document soon. For now, it really helps to check out


and build that, set up your IF_SANDBOX environment variable, and then check out this project. I will be posting sample applications that use the framework shortly.


Ironically, the oldest and most commonly used parts of the system are also the roughest, because they were developed first -- often in the absence of a lot of the tools and features that grew up around them. The system web components, in framework/lib/IF/Component, are very bad examples of how to build components, for this very reason. I have refactored some of the core parts of the system, but there is still a lot of pointy bits that will hurt you if you poke around too much!



Perl web framework based heavily on Apple's WebObjects and EOF.




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